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Medicare, mobs and manufacturing jobs....

Getting old is enough of a drag, but it seems the federal government must Medicaremake it more of a struggle. Medicare is a wonderful program providing health insurance to people age 65 and older, but registering for it has become an annual headache for retirees. News Business reporter Jonathan D. Epstein spoke with Medicare recipients and insurers to understand why things appear so difficult. His story ran in Sunday's editions.

Drop that fork and get in line! Black Friday shopping this year starts on Thanksgiving. New Business columnist David Robinson looks at how early we can go.

Mob psychology can me a good thing, when it's used to help small Cash mobbusinesses. That's how Chris Smith sees it with his brainstorm called 'cash mobs.' News business reporter Steve Watson spoke with him.

Manufacturers are starting to get a little panicked about the lack of interest their jobs have with young people, Manufacturing New Business reporter Matt Glynn tells us. A new program is reaching into the schools to open young people's eyes to the changing world of manufacturing.

- Grove Potter


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