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Winging it

The spread of Buffalo chicken wings across the globe has been astounding. Ivano5 wippert lifestyles Who knew that the spicy after-hours snack that Teressa Bellissimo invented on the fly in 1964 would become a staple near and far. The concept of patenting the recipe and the concept never occurred to anyone.

Many other chains have sprung up serving wings, but there can be only one original. We even have the Buffalo Wing Festival.

Ivano Toscani, owner of the Anchor Bar - where the wing-as-food was invented - is trying to franchise the operation. A few early starts have failed, and now he has a franchisee in Hamilton, Ontario, who wants to Vacations Niagara vacations   scullopen an Anchor Bar.

Toscani's only advice to them: don't deviate too far from the way we do it here.

That's some super hot advice.


- Grove Potter 


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