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Apple a tempting target

It's a longshot, but hey, you never Apple1 know. New York state wants to land the Apple manufacturing plant that  the computer maker is bringing back from China. The Albany region is making the biggest push, which makes some sense. The state has made nanotechnology the focus of research at the University of Albany, and the region hosts two giant chip making plants, Global Foundries in Malta and IBM in Fishkill.

But Western New York is tossing its hat in the ring - lightly. The giant STAMP (Science Technology and Advanced Manufacturing Park) planned for Genesee County would be perfect for such a plant, but it might not be ready in time for Apple's move. The Town of Alabama just voted to rezone the 1,200-acre site, and now funding is being sought for buying land and building infrastructure.

If Apple goes elsewhere, planners are gearing up to be ready for the next big one.

- Grove Potter


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