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Envisioning Buffalo's future

Somebody better tell the local developers that the economy is slow and that the city of Buffalo is in a constant recession, because these guys are on a complete tear. FN Burt Co. They are pushing ahead, building things, creating jobs and wealth.

The latest projects to be unveiled: Savarino Companies plans to convert the former F. N. Burt Co. headquarters and warehouse on Seneca Street into office space, extending the hot new Larkin District. And Rocco Termini, who seems to find value where others can not see it, is proceeding with a plan to convert the former FWS store and warehouse on Elmwood Avenue near Hertel Avenue, into FWSapartments, stores, a restaurant and a distillery.

Either these guys are visionaries, or the rest of us have blinders on. Of course there will be tax credits and other inducements involved, but those are factored into the costs of most projects now. But when completed, two historic buildings will be saved, and ideally, more businesses created.

Layered upon the other projects going on in town, that's called progress.

- Grove Potter




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