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It's selling season, for gifts and our region.

This is it for many small retailers, the homestretch. Stores can make up to Half&half 40 percent of their annual operating profit during the holiday season, with much of that coming in the final week of shopping. Western New York is full of interesting small retailers battling it out with the big box stores. Most stay in business with smart purchasing and  clever marketing.


Canada has become prime hunting ground for the Buffalo Niagara region's efforts to attract new businesses to the area. The new man leading the recruiting effort up in Toronto is a real pro. Lee Meister represented New York state in Toronto for 22 years. When the state cut his position, the Buffalo MeisterNiagara Enterprise pounced and hired him. Meister says there are plenty of Canadian firms that want to move here.


The slow whittling away at our region's wage base continues. Although inflation is small now, it still cuts away at a stagnant wage base. News business columnist David Robinson does the math.


From the legal community: O'Brien and Boyd are breaking up. ABW2_1912


From the development community: Michael Joseph is selling some buildings.


- Grove Potter
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