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Tale of Two Towers

Well, HSBC made it official. The bank will be leaving the Buffalo's tallest building Hsbc tower1when its lease expires in October, 2013, and its red bow-tie logo will be coming down. The good news is that the bank says it is keeping all the jobs here. The folks will just be moved to other buildings, or work from home.

The sad news is that it's the end of the tower as a bank center. Built in 1972, it served as the headquarters for Marine Midland Bank, and then for HSBC Bank USA when it took over. Paired with the M&T Bank headquarters up Main Street, they stood as symbolic pillars of the local banking scene. The building's owner says it's a new beginning M&T ALLFIRSTfor the sky scraper. Ideas for new uses include offices, hotel space, apartments and condos.

But it's unlikely a bank logo will tower over downtown again.

- Grove Potter

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