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The Joy of Gaming... and Banking

Loving your job is a real blessing. We all spend so much time at work, enjoying it makes life much sweeter.

Ed Marki clearly loves his new job. The retired middle school teacher Mebs and Lancaster Village Trustee has opened a video store that is part business, part hang-out for kids, and part mid-life therapy for the owner. A video game aficionado since childhood, Marki recently opened Meb's Games to give kids in town a place to go and, no doubt, to give himself an excuse for playing the latest video games, and some vintage games, too.

And the simmering feud between community banks and credit unions could flare into a war if a bill Gillibrandsupported by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-NY, gains traction. The bill would allow credit unions to lend more of their money to businesses. That's a direct threat to small community banks, which make much of their money on small commercial loans. The argument is that the change could make more loan money available to small businesses, and thereby create more jobs.

But banks have argued that credit unions have an unfair advantage because they do not pay taxes. And, they argue, credit unions are nowhere near their small business lending limits now.

Stay tuned. The Small Business Lending Enhancement Act could become a battle. The banking lobby is powerful.

- Grove Potter


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