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Local business today

When it opened 10 years ago, the Sonoma Grille brought some style Dining out for life LOCAL KIRKHAM dining life and flair to the Lord Amherst. An elegant, fine dining establishment with classy entertainment, it joined the competitive and growing  'white-tablecloth' dining scene. When Iskalo Development bought the Lord Amherst property two years ago, the restaurant run by Michael and Marilynn Militello stayed in business. But the nice run for the Sonoma is coming to an end. Iskalo has big plans for the site, with a new Hyatt and a renovated Lord Amherst. A completely redone restaurant will open, but it's not clear of the Militello's will be running it.

Solar power is fighting to stay viable as the natural gas boom pushes down utility costs. So when a large indusrial customer quadruples its solar commitment, it a cause for some celebration. Solar is clean, and Galanispays for itself over time. Sealing Devices is unveiling an array of solar panels at its Lancaster plant today that is four-times the size of the system they installed a few years ago.  Company President Terry Galanis Jr. said the panels will supply 25 percent of the company's power.


Who has been hired, honored or promoted lately?

-- Grove Potter


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