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Weekend business stories

Some intereting stories from the weekend papers...

How can New York State be promising health insurance rate reductions when the Affordable Care Act - aka Obamacare - kicks in in January? Business reporter Stephen T. Watson found out that, not suprisingly, the program is counting on lots of young, healthy uninsured people to sign up and start paying into the system. The calculus requires that more people who do not need to use the coverage will pay for it.  That's how insurance works: everybody pays some money and a smaller group of people have to use it. In addition, the level of insurance coverage being offered is stepping down.

Bringing car traffic back to Main Street in downtown Buffalo  Main street will cost more than $70 million. Advocates say it's a necessary price to pay to keep the revival of the city's core moving forward.  Business writer Sara DiNatale found that cities all over the country are undoing the "pedestrian malls" built in the 1980's in hopes of bringing back more people. In Buffalo, the project will allow a car to go from the growing Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus almost all the way to the emerging Canalside district.

The GM plant on River Road in the Town of Tonawanda is celebrating its 75th anniversary and will open Gm plantits doors for tours on Friday. The last time the company did this more than 5,000 people showed up. The tours will run form noon to 8 p.m.

Paula's Donuts, an iconic bakery shop Paula that makes giant doughnuts, has moved from Kenmore Avenue to Sheridan Drive in the Town of Tonawanda, in the Caputi's Pub plaza. There goes the waistline.

-- Grove Potter




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