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48,000 have enrolled on state health insurance exchange

More than 48,000 people have enrolled on New York's health insurance exchange since it opened for business Oct. 1, the State Health Department announced today.

State officials say 48,162 people have enrolled, an increase of about 11,000 from the 37,000 who had enrolled as of Oct. 23.

In addition, another 197,011 New Yorkers have completed the application process and are deemed eligible to receive insurance through the NY State of Health exchange. To enroll, they must choose a plan, according to the state.

“We are very pleased to see these results, which show that tens of thousands of individuals across the state are turning to to access low-cost health insurance,” Donna Frescatore, executive director of NY State of Health, said in a statement.

The State Health Department did not immediately provide a geographic breakdown of this data.

There are 2.7 million uninsured New Yorkers, according to the state, and an estimated 64,000 of them live in this region. State officials expect that 615,000 individuals, and 450,000 small-business employees, will buy coverage through the New York exchange over the next three years.

Coverage kicks in Jan. 1, with an enrollment deadline of Dec. 15 for anyone who wants insurance through the exchange to begin at the start of the new year. The final enrollment deadline is March 31.

-- Stephen T. Watson

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