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WalletHub says New York is worst state to be a taxpayer

Stop us if you've heard this one already: New York residents have the highest tax burden in the country, according to a study conducted by the personal finance website WalletHub.

The state ranked 51st -- behind the other 49 states and the District of Columbia -- in WalletHub's analysis, which looked at average state and local taxes and compared each state's total to the national average.

New York taxpayers pay an average of $9,718 in sales, property and other taxes, about 40 percent more than the national average and more than four times as much as the $2,365 paid by residents of the lowest-taxed state, Wyoming.

New York ranks 51st in the list that is adjusted for cost of living, too.

Breaking down New York's rank further, the state is No. 2 for highest gas taxes, at 67.97 cents per gallon, No. 3 for highest local income tax, at 1.438 percent, seventh for highest state sales tax rates, at 8.48 percent, and 11th for highest alcohol tax, again at 8.48 percent.

--- Stephen T. Watson

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