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Pierogi by mail, with love


Buffalo ex-pats who can’t make it to the Broadway market this Easter will be happy to know they can get their Polish-American fix no matter where they are in the country. , an online retailer of Polish and Eastern European cuisine,  delivers Polish foods and prepared Polish dishes to your doorstep.

Based in the heart of Chicago’s Polish-American community, has been delivering Polish favorites such as pierogi, potato pancakes, Polish sausage, stuffed cabbage and rye bread for 15 years.

Prices range from 99-cent, imported Polish candies to ornate $50 cakes, with every manner of horseradish, borscht, kizka and pickle in between.

“We love nothing more than delivering top quality products that evoke childhood memories of a grandmother’s cooking or the tastes of home back in Poland,” said Michael Machnicki, Vice President of Polana.


---Samantha Maziarz Christmann


Food and Drink
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