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A love letter for Tom Brady, and other pre-Super Bowl musings

After his swipe at Buffalo's hotels this week, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady may not have Western New York in his corner, but somebody loves him. That was made clear in this New York Post story. Here's a hint -- she's Brazilian, has long legs and signs herself simply "G."

Meanwhile, since we're on the only subject that seems to matter, here are a couple of entertaining pieces I've seen in the past few days about Sunday's big event.

* If there's a better writer about sports and the culture around it than the Daily Beast's Buzz Bissinger, I don't know who it is. Here's his latest, a most amusing read that covers a possible wardrobe malfunction for Madonna and his recollections of going to school with Bill Belichick. ("He is a friend, although I will confess that there is a certain faraway quality to him, a man always a lock and key away from the rubber room..."), and, oh yes, the game. (Patriots by 4, says Bissinger; read it, hoteliers, and weep.)

* Also from the Daily Beast, here's a look at the 20 most effective Super Bowl commerials, from Budweiser to Betty White. Because, as we all know, that's what it's really all about.

* Jason Gay of the Wall Street Journal offers "The 21 Rules of Surviving a Super Bowl Party." It's funny.


Meanwhile, don't forget what The Buffalo News' Mark Gaughan and Jerry Sullivan are dishing up from Indianapolis. I summarize their doings in my column from last Sunday's News.

Final note: Fans of Jerry Sullivan should enjoy him while you can. Shortly after the big game, Sully goes on medical leave for a long-delayed hip replacement surgery and recovery. He'll be back, of course, but you won't see him in the paper or online for a few weeks.

Go, Giants.

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