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Gillibrand's pick for president in 2016? She says she'll push Hillary Clinton to run

Kirsten Gillibrand says she plans to push her occasional mentor and her predecessor as New York senator  -- Secretary of State Hillary Clinton -- to run for president in 2016.

"I think she would be incredibly well-poised to be our next Democratic president," Gillibrand said in an interview today with the website BuzzFeed.  "I think she's extremely well prepared. I think her experience as Secretary of State has not only elevated her stature and experience, but she's proven she's someone who can get things done and I think she'd be an outstanding candidate."

Her comments quickly sped around the web from political blog to political blog, some less wide-eyed than others. Clinton has said repeatedly that she's not interested in such a run.

Chris Cillizza, who writes The Fix, a political blog for the Washington Post, offers this skeptical take on Gillibrand's statement, including how the senator figures into the political bracketology ("Sweet 2016") of the moment. 

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