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Jerry Zremski (and his Buffalo News readers) have a front-row seat for the health care showdown in Washington

The stakes are high and so is the drama in Washington this week as the Supreme Court hears arguments on the 2010 health care law on which President Obama has staked so much of his political capital.  It's one of the most divisive issues in the nation today -- and that's saying a lot.

Buffalo News Washington Bureau Chief Jerry Zremski wrote a strong piece for today's paper outlining the issues. (Brian Meyer's video interview with Independent Health CEO Dr. Michael Cropp accompanies that story on our website.)

Zremski was also lucky enough to get a front-row seat in the court, which means that the reports from each day's paper will include Zremski's byline, not just those from our wire services.  There are about 90 press seats, he said.  Other members of the press are relying largely on the audio of the arguments, which is being released publicly each day. 

I chatted with Zremski by phone today after the arguments had concluded for the day.  He described the atmosphere at the Supreme Court as "strangely bifurcated." 

"Inside, it's extremely formal," he said, with a somber and quiet tone, and a strict prohibition against electronic devices of any kind.

Outside the court building is another story.

"It's definitely loud and raucous," he said, with demonstrators on both sides of the controversy in about equal evidence. At one point, Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum, attempting to speak against the act, was drowned out by shouting partisans in favor of the law, Zremski said.

Zremski -- who has reported for The News in Washington since 1989 -- thinks his Buffalo readers will benefit from his presence.

 "The case has such extraordinary ramifications, going well beyond health care," he said.  "There's nothing like being there to truly understand it."

And exactly how did he get the seat?  The answer is simple enough: "I asked early."

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