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Mega Millions fever: an update and some inventive coverage from around the nation

Everybody's talking about it, and everybody's writing about it.  Here's some of the ways that the nation's press took on the water-cooler topic of the week.

The latest: USA Today reported on where winning tickets were bought -- in Kansas, Illinois and Maryland.  The numbers, of course, are 2-4-23-38-46, MB 23, but you knew that.

The odds: The Washington Post offers an entertaining slideshow, noting among other things that you have a better chance of giving birth to identical quadruplets than winning the jackpot. 

The rewards: The Atlantic magazine takes a business approach, noting that if the winner decides on a lump sum payout and doesn't have to share, he or she would be richer than Mitt Romney.  

The big question:  The Wall Street Journal's marketplace editor Dennis Berman, in a video, confesses to buying a ticket but also discusses the possibility that the whole fuss is mostly a ripoff.

The aftermath:  Bloomberg News can say "I told you so," given their inventive "Sucker Index," which ranks the states on their lotteries, determing which residents spent the most for the least.  New York comes in a regrettable third, after Georgia and Massachusetts.

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