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VIDEO: Books save lives -- sometimes literally -- says Books for Kids founder

They're known as "the doctors" -- and they are one of the main reasons the annual Books for Kids drive exists and succeeds.  Dr. Elizabeth Cappella and Dr. Geraldine Bard of Project Flight, along with many partners, including The Buffalo News, have spent 17 years putting books in the hands of needy children in the Buffalo area.  So far, the drive has collected two million books and (often through agencies or efforts such as the mayor's summer reading program) given them to Buffalo's children to own.

Do those books do any good in this digital age?  At this morning's kickoff ceremony in the downtown public library, Betty Cappella made a strong case that they do.  Sometimes, they even save a life.  Here's what she had to say about four-year-old Shanya Williams who last August used the lessons of a book to save her 84-year-old great-grandmother's life. 


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