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Photo Gallery: Images of The Buffalo News from Buffalo-born photojournalist Brendan Bannon

TruckBrendan Bannon practically grew up at The Buffalo News.  His father, Anthony Bannon, was a writer and art critic at the paper in the 1970s and 1980s, (and is now the executive director of the Burchfield Penney Art Center).  The younger Bannon remembers being fascinated with the papers rolling off the presses and loaded onto the trucks, and remembers receiving his first record albums from his father's colleagues in the News features department, Dale Anderson and Jeff Simon.

"I heard the roar of the presses before I got my first job as a newspaper delivery boy," Bannon says.

Since those early days, he has flourished as an international photojournalist, spending much of his time in Africa and other places around the globe, teaching photography and shooting for some big-name organizations.

On a recent assignment for the New York Times, Bannon, 42, returned to The News, where he spent many hours photographing the newsroom, the pressroom, Publisher Stan Lipsey, and more.  Three of his images appeared with the Times story, but many others from that shoot are available on his website.   See all 50 of them here.  I especially like the one I've included here which I would title "News Noir," a nighttime image outside our building on Washington Street.

His photo galleries from around the world are also well worth a look.  Bannon told me how he approaches his work -- whether in Buffalo or Nairobi: "I practice opening myself to whatever I am photographing, being present and empathetic and try to see it fresh as the person, place or thing might see himself, herself or itself in a moment of reflection." 

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