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Big East in NCAA

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Well, maybe Syracuse did deserve a bid. When the smoke cleared after the first round of the NCAA Tournament, the Big East was the big winner with a 7-1 record. The only loss was UConn in overtime to San Diego. In a tourney where underdogs are rising up at every turn, that's a very impressive performance.

The ACC, on the other hand, is looking a tad overrated. Clemson, which took North Carolina to overtime twice this year in defeat, looked awful in a loss to Villanova last night. And Duke nearly lost to Belmont as a No. 2 seed here the other night. The Big East can make another big statement today if West Virginia knocks off the Dookies in the second round. Forget the seeds. West Virginia is on equal footing and has a very good chance if it's making outside shots.

One conference put two teams in the Final Four eight straight years between 1999-2006. The Big East  has a chance to do it this year. Heck, they could even put three teams in, as they did in 1987.


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