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Duke Goes Down

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Duke had to be one of the weakest No. 2 seeds the NCAA Tournament has seen in recent memory. They were barely better than Belmont, and they were clearly inferior to a West Virginia team that was a No. 7 seed and an 11-7 team in Big East play.

West Virginia's Joe Alexander said there are six or seven teams in the Big East on par with Duke. From what I saw, he's right. If Duke could go 13-3 in the ACC, it really was a down year for that league. Duke had virtually no inside presence, no go-to guy in the post. Point guard Greg Paulus is susceptible to quicker guards. If they're not making three-pointers, they're in trouble.

Watching Duke struggle, I'm even more convinced that North Carolina isn't as good as people think. If a team can stand up to their transition game and make them play half-court defense, the Tar Heels can be had. And naturally, it would warm my heart to see self-righteous Roy Williams take a fall.


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