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Sabres Are Done

So, the Sabres become only the third team in the modern era to finish first overall one year and miss the playoffs the next. I hardly know what to say. I'd hate to resort to cliches and shoddy research by mentioning the loss of Drury, Briere and Campbell. I suppose I should take comfort in the fact that their top eight players are under contract for $26 million, and find ways to spin Tim Connolly's performance as a good thing for the organization.

All I can say is it's very sad. I've had a lot of fans tell me they were hoping the Sabres wouldn't make the playoffs, so management wouldn't be able to put a happy face on their incessant bungling. Let me ask you this: Do you feel that way? Are you glad they didn't make it, so Golisano and Quinn will see how badly they screwed this team up? Are you encouraged by the way the team didn't quit and fought to the end? Do you think their youth is an excuse?

And if you're a season-ticket holder, are you considering not renewing for next season?


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