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Who's your lock? Celtics or Lakers

So the NBA gets its dream matchup: The Lakers vs. the Celtics in a reprise of the great rivalry of the 1980s. The series, which begins Thursday, should be close and hotly contested. The teams seem to be fairly evenly matched. Both teams are better defensively than people realize. The Celtics' defense has been the key to their season. They're not that polished an offensive team. They rely too much on the jump shot. It will be a battle of two superstars who had good arguments for MVP this year: Kobe Bryant (who won it) and Kevin Garnett. I think it comes down to the team with the better superstar and the superior coach. The Lakers win on both counts. Bryant is on a mission to prove he can win the title without Shaquille O'Neal. Phil Jackson has won nine championships. Yes, he had Michael Jordan, but every championship coach has great players and it's time to concede that Jackson is one of the best ever. I like the Lakers in seven. So who do you like? The Lakers are a solid favorite (-175), but the Celtics did have the best record in the league this year and have the home-court advantage.


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