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Rock Star Status

How big has Ryan Miller become since his MVP performance at the Olympics? Big enough that one of the world's biggest pop stars wanted to meet him when he came to Buffalo. Elton John played HSBC Arena with Billy Joel on Tuesday night. Beforehand, the Sabres heard that John (is it "Elton" or "John" on the second reference?) was interested in meeting Miller backstage before the show.

Mike Gilbert, the Sabres' head of public relations, informed the pop star that Miller generally didn't go to events on the night before a game. Miller didn't attend (and I'm guessing that John and Joel aren't his cup of tea). But Gilbert presented Sabres jerseys to both superstars. After Elton got his jersey, he turned to Gilbert and said, "That's one hell of a goalie you have there!

Apparently, John is a big hockey fan. As legend has it, John once ran into Sabres general manager Darcy Regier. He said, "You're the guy who traded Pat LaFontaine!"

Gilbert was in his first season with the Sabres when Dominik Hasek won the Olympic gold medal. That year, Gilbert accompanied Hasek on much of his-post Olympic tour and compared it to traveling with a rock star. He said the response to Miller has been similar, if not quite as intense.


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