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By now, we've learned to take everything Brett Favre says with a grain of salt. The guy has been flirting with retirement ever since the 2006 season. He has fooled us before. He changed his mind more often than most players change socks. But this time, it sounds as if the Vikings quarterback is serious about quitting the NFL.

Favre has reportedly texted several friends and announced "This is it." That is, he is finally retiring after 19 fabulous and eventful seasons. At age 40, he has apparently decided his body can't take it anymore.  Evidently, Favre told Minnesota coach Brad Childress his injured ankle has not responded as well as he had hoped to surgery and rehab.

I hope this is it. I was wrong about Favre a year ago. I felt he should have retired then and would struggle to stay on the field and thrive. Instead, he had one of his greatest years. Favre had a career high QB rating of 68.4. He had 33 touchdown passes and only 7 interceptions. He was often sensational.

That means he can finish on a high note. Sure, he threw a fatal pick at the end of the NFC title game against the Saints. But Favre proved to his critics, and himself, that he could still be the old gunslinger despite being a grandfather last season. That's a great way to end his career. If he came back again, it might go very badly for him. It's time to call it a career. It appears he is about to do so.

This time, I hope he's serious.

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