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Questions, questions ...

Chan Gailey admitted after Sunday's game he didn't have the answers. Then, on Monday, he benched Trent Edwards and made Ryan Fitzpatrick the starter. I don't have any answers, either. But as we contemplate the new Fitzpatrick era, I have 25 burning questions:

1. What did Gailey find out about Trent during the first two regular-season games that wasn't clear as day on the game films from the last two Bills seasons? If he was going to hand the job to Fitz' after the first crisis, why didn't he have a true open quarterback competition, as he promised? 

2. Wasn't it astonishing to hear Edwards say he had no idea who was going to be the Bills' starting running back against Green Bay until he got to the game? Are you telling me the coaches don't let the quarterback in on the game plan?

3. Is there much doubt that the Bills' offense, which after Sunday was dead last in the NFL by more than 60 yards a game, will finish in the bottom quarter of the league for an eighth straight season?

4. Might Lions rookie running back Jahvid Best, who gained 232 yards from scrimmage against the Eagles, have been a better value with the 30th overall pick than C.J. Spiller was at No. 9?

5. Do you think Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck will enter next year's NFL draft if the Bills have the No. 1 pick, knowing there might not be a season and his college coach, Jim Harbaugh, wanted no part of Buffalo?

6.  Did the Bills' defensive leaders bolt the locker room early Sunday because they were afraid they'd say what they really felt about the offense?

7.  Do you think right guard Eric Wood thinks Aaron Maybin is earning his signing bonus yet?

8. Isn't it a little troubling that Alex Carrington, a third-round pick, can't even get on the field for this team?

9. How many losses before Jerry Jones comes to his senses and admits Wade Phillips is a mediocrity as a head coach?

10.  Is it still Dick Jauron's fault that safety Donte Whitner isn't making any game-changing plays?

11. On second thought, would a franchise like Green Bay really want Marshawn Lynch to be set loose in the community?

12. Isn't it sad that the Bills have gone 56 games since their last 300-yard passer? Heck, is 200 yards so much to ask?

13. Why do so many NFL coaches leave their starting quarterbacks in the game at the end of blowouts?

14. So do you figure Gailey thinks the hecklers had a point?

15. Isn't a shame that Kawika Mitchell wasn't as good at tackling as he is at tweeting?

16. Don't you think Riverside's Mike Williams would be a better option at No. 2 receiver than Stevie Williams?

17. Does Marcus Stroud seem like a guy who's just playing out the string?

18. The tackles are a joke, I know, but are the Bills' interior offensive linemen any better than average right now?

19.  Are you feeling sorry for Fred Jackson? Isn't it amazing that he averaged 4.5 yards a carry for this offense last year?

20. Wouldn't it be refreshing to see some genuine sign of passion from inside that Bills locker room?

21. Why, oh why, don't they ever have Lee Evans run patterns over the middle of the field? Why doesn't Evans demand it?

22. Will Bill Belichick keep a straight face on Wednesday's conference call when he gushes about the talent on the Bills' roster?

23. Can Maybin be any worse in coverage than Chris Kelsay?

24. Wasn't this going to be a break-out year for Chris Ellis?

25. So what happens if Fitzpatrick flames out the next two weeks? Gailey said the change is permanent, but is anything permanent at One Bills Drive, including the franchise?

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