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Fitz Isn't Done Yet

So you thought Ryan Fitzpatrick had a great day in Baltimore Sunday. As it turns out, it was even better than you thought. Fitz actually got 8 more yards passing on Tuesday when the NFL determined that a 17-yard loss was actually a minus-9.

So his revised yardage for the game is 382 yards, not 374. Either way, the best passing day by a Bill since J.P. Losman in Houston in 2006.

Here's another miscalcuation: I said that Fitz's stats were bound to start dropping when he played in Baltimore, normally a house of horrors for opposing offenses. His numbers went up, obviously. His quarterback rating, which was 99.9 coming in, rose to 102.0 after Sunday's game (it probably went up a slight amount after the scoring change).

So in this week's NFL statistics, Fitzpatrick is the second-rated quarterback in the NFL, after Peyton Manning. Manning has a 103.4 rating, Fitz is at 102.0 and Vince Young is third at 98.8. Young has even fewer attempts than Fitz, who has thrown only 128 passes. San Diego's Philip Rivers is fourth at 97.8 and Tom Brady is fifth at 97.8.

Fitzpatrick had 11 touchdown passes on his 128 attempts, an average of 8.6 TDs per 100 passes. That's tops in the league. By comparison, Denver's Kyle Orton has 11 TD passes in 276 passes.  

Here's an interesting statistical comparison by Joe Buscaglia on the WGR website, comparing Fitzpatrick to other NFL quarterbacks at a similar point in their careers:


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