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Live Chat

Just a quick reminder that we'll be chatting from Ralph Wilson Stadium at noon today on the Billboard blog. Jay Skurski will moderate and provide all the usual stats, polls and miscellaneous fodder. Mike Harrington, of course,  is busy following around the hockey team that managed to give up six goals at home in the home opener on Saturday night.

There are about 10,000 unsold seats for this game. I suspect there will be thousands of no-shows, too.  I can't recall as easier ride in to the game at 10:30. There was no line of cars getting off the first Milestrip exit. Last week, it was backed onto the 219.  Very little trouble going down 20A, either. No buzz in the parking lot. It's eerily quiet out there, as if the fans who came are a little embarrassed to be rooting for this winless Bills team. I wonder if there will be much of a home advantage today.  The diehards will be into, though, if the Bills make some plays early and get a lead.

The Jaguars are used to playing before non-sellout crowds in a less-than-electric atmosphere. So they might feel right at home today.

Stop by the chat if you're not doing something better.  No local TV today, so keep in mind that the chat continues throughout the game and until at least 6 p.m.

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