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1985 over 2010

I got quite a few responses to my question asking fans to compare this year's team with the 1985 version -- which finished 2-14 and was the last Bills team to start a season 0-5. There's an overwhelming belief that the '85 team had more talent than this year's squad, though much of it was still in the formative stages. 

Bruce Smith was on that '85 team. So were Pete Metzelaars, Jim Ritcher, Joe Devlin, Fred Smerlas, Greg Bell, Scott Norwood, Jerry Butler and a fading Joe Cribbs. Smith was the No. 1 overall pick that year. It was a great draft for Buffalo. Andre Reed, Derrick Burroughs and Frank Reich were also drafted.

The comparison was summed up very well by reader Art Markowitz:

"Granted none of us can divine the future," Markowitz wrote. "But I don't see any Bruce Smith, Fred Smerlas, Pete Metzelaars or Andre Reed on this roster.  And maybe the new Jim Kelly will be available after this year's record, but based on the scouting and draft choices from this group of drafters I doubt it.  My Bills decal on the rear window of my car looks faded and as out of place in Florida as this team looks in the NFL."

No, I do not see any future Hall of Famers or perennial Pro Bowlers on this year's roster. I spoke with Talley on Friday and he said the '85 team would beat the '10 team.  

Most fans do not feel the '85 team was the worst in team history. There's strong sentiment for the 1971 Bills, who went 1-13 and were outscored, 394-184. Sal Maiorana, the veteran Rochester beat writer, early this week listed the worst five Bills teams in no particular order: 1968, 1971, 1984-85, 2001.

By the way, Maiorana has another Bills history book out: Buffalo Bills, The Complete Illustrated History, with a foreword by Steve Tasker. Sal's book, which was published to mark the team's 50th anniversary season, sells for $30. It would be a good deal for any avid Bills fan. I'd even consider paying for it.



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If Moss could be traded, why not Evans?

Once again, the Patriots and Bill Belichick proved that when it's time to part ways with a player, they don't fool around. According to various reports, the Pats have traded veteran receiver Randy Moss to the Vikings for a third-round draft pick in the 2011 draft.

The Pats now have eight picks in the first four rounds of next April's draft -- two in each of the first four rounds. With Belichick continuing to replenish his roster, might it be another five years or more before the Bills can compete with the Pats in the division?

Moss, whose 151 career TD catches is second all-time to Jerry Rice, had been at odds with Pats management for some time. According to a report on, Moss had a heated exchange with his quarterbacks coach at halftime of New England's win over Miami on Monday. Moss didn't have a catch in that game and was targeted only once in the first half.

The Bills, meanwhile, waited more than six months to figure out that Trent Edwards and Marshawn Lynch had no future in Buffalo. They got a fourth-round pick for Lynch, which they almost surely could have gotten before last year's draft. Still, this might be a sign that anyone on the Bills is available for the right price.

How about Lee Evans? The Pats are still loaded offensively, but they will likely be looking for a deep threat to complement their underneath receiving game. Evans makes about $8 million a year, so it would be tough to move him, especially considering his poor production the last two seasons.

What do you think? Would you trade Evans if the Bills found a team desperate enough to take his contract off their hands?


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