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Fitz Out Of The Running

On my WGR radio show a few weeks back, I promised to run down the street in my underwear if Ryan Fitzpatrick finished the season with 30 touchdowns. Fitzpatrick  has 18 touchdown passes. He is on pace to throw 32. I still think it's a long shot. But I'm worried. So on Wednesday, I asked Fitz if he would consider running with me if he gets to 30 TDs.

"Absolutely not," he said without hesitation. "But I'll probably be there watching."

Not even with all your clothes on, I asked him?

"No," he said. "I'll be cheering you on."

So I'm taking it as a promise that Fitz will at least be standing alongside the road if I'm forced to hobble on my bad hip down Hertel Avenue in early January. He said he heard about my wager with Jeremy White from a friend the other day and was amused by it.

"Yeah, I think it's funny," he said. "The first thing I got was the mental image, which wasn't pretty. I hope you're not rooting against me."

On the contrary, I'm rooting like hell for Fitz to throw the second-most TD passes in a season in Bills' history: 29.



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