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Stevie Drowning in Self-Pity

It was pretty clear when it happened that Stevie Johnson was having trouble with his dropped TD pass against the Steelers today. Johnson sat at the far end of the bench, staring at the video board, unwilling to watch the game unfolding. Afterwards, he said he would never get over the drop. That's not what you want to hear from a professional athlete who has just recently become a star.

The worst of it was Johnson's post on his Twitter account after the game:

"I praise you 24/7!!!! And this is how you  do me!!!! You expect me to learn from this??? How???!!! I'll never forget this!! Ever!!! Thx tho ... "

Wow. It seems Johnson is asking God why he allowed him to suffer such a distressing moment in a football game. It's sad to see a pro athlete wallow in self-pity this way,  and yet another reason for me to detest the whole tweeting culture, which demands an instant response to every human happening.

Johnson has to forget it. It's a game. Even the greats drop passes, as Andre Reed told me after the game in the locker room.  It must be tough for him. He went from a nobody to a national star in the space of a couple of weeks. Now he's a goat. But part of being a successful athlete is rebounding from adversity. This Bills team has done it all year. They don't need their new star receiver feeling sorry for himself and telling the world that God "did him" in some way.

I'm guessing the Creator has bigger concerns than a star athlete dropping a pass.




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