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Obama vs. Boehner

The U.S. Open won't be the only big golf match contested next weekend in the Washington, D.C., area. President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner will tee it up in a "challenge" match next Saturday at an undisclosed site near the nation's capital. The third round of the U.S. Open will be going on at Congressional on June 18.

Boehner has chosen Gov. John Kasich, a fellow Ohio Republican, to fill out the foursome. Vice President  Biden will be playing with Obama. Biden's last handicap was listed at 6.3. Boehner's is 7.9. Obama is evidently a 17. Not to question the veracity of politicians, but I wonder about these handicaps. If Obama's is correct, his average score (89) is the same as my career best.

Here's the link to a recent Sports Illustrated story on politics and golf: A,28136,2076655,00.html

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