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Running Angry

Fred Jackson confirmed what seemed apparent to any Bills fan on Sunday: He's running angry these days. Jackson has always run with a bit of a chip on his shoulder. He was undrafted and has to keep proving he deserves his spot as the No. 1 back. But remember, he went public with his ire three weeks ago when C.J. Spiller started a preseason game. Fred made it clear that he feels he is underpaid and suggested he might seek a trade. The issue has died down, but it hasn't gone away completely.

Angry, Fred?

"Great adjective," he said Monday in the Bills locker room. "Bryan (Scott) said it to me earlier today. I told him that angry running is great on Sundays. But I feel it on Monday and Tuesday."

Jackson had 112 yards on 20 carries against the Chief. He ran with his customary determination and skill, and he seemed to get better as the game went along. Jackson had 10 carries for 66 yards after halftime. He now has 726 yards in his last nine games, dating back to the midpoint of last season.

The guy seems to get stronger with more carries.  He says that all the time. It's one reason why the notion of splitting carries evenly with C.J. Spiller is a bad one.

"I think every running back in the league would agree with that," Jackson said. "The more carries you get, the better you feel about a game and the better you're able to produce."

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