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Al Davis

When there's a death in your extended family, there's a tendency to feel a greater sense of your own mortality. You clutch your own family members close to you and remember how fortunate you are to be alive. I imagine that's what a lot of Bills fans will be thinking today when they hear of the death of Raiders owner Al Davis.

You think of Bills owner Ralph Wilson, sitting up in Detroit recovering from a broken hip. Wilson is 92, a full 10 years older than his old AFL compatriot. For the first time in 52 years, Wilson has been unable to attend home games. Davis, another of the old guard from the AFL, is gone. You wonder how much time Wilson has left, and what will happen to Buffalo's beloved franchise when he is gone.

You can pray that Wilson regains his strength and lives to 100. Or hope there's a group out there with the money and will to buy the team from his estate and keep it in Buffalo. There have been renewed rumblings of late, rumors that Jim Kelly's group is poised to buy the team, or that a Bills fan with deep pockets in LA wants to buy the Bills and keep them in Buffalo.

Rest in peace, Al Davis. You did a lot to make the NFL what it is today. Bills fans, meanwhile, can't be blamed for being a little restless.


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