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Rushmore of Coaches

If you were looking to judge Chan Gailey against some of the NFL's best head coaches, you couldn't have asked for a better stretch of games. There are four current NFL head coaches who appear on the list of the NFL's top 25 coaches in career victories (including postseason).  The Bills are in the midst of playing against all four in a stretch of five games.

Bill Belichick is 10th with 181 wins. The Bills beat his Patriots in Week 3. Andy Reid is 24th on the list with 129 victories. Check. The Bills just beat his Eagles. Next up on the Bills schedule? The Giants' Tom Coughlin, 21st on the coaching win chart with 144 wins. The fourth name on the list is Mike Shanahan, currently 16th all-time with 163 toal victories. His Redskins play Buffalo in Toronto after the bye.

So Gailey has a chance to sweep the board against the four winningest coaches in the league if he wins Sunday, then in Toronto against the Redskins. Players always talk about wanting to judge themselves against the best, I asked Gailey on Wednesday. Does it mean anything extra to you, beating these guys?

"No," Gailey said. "Zero. Good try, though."

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