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Brady apologizes for Wednesday comments about Buffalo hotels

News Senior Sports Columnist Jerry Sullivan caught up with Patriots quarterback Tom Brady this morning, one day after Brady had said of the Buffalo's hotels: "They're not the nicest places in the world."

Sullivan asked, "Tom, are you aware that the most elite hotel invited you to stay the night?" (In reference to the Mansion on Delaware's offer to the Pats QB.)

"I appreciate that," Brady responded with a laugh, then said, "I apologize for saying that."

Sullivan responded, "Well, there is some truth to it."

"I know. Buffalo was tough on us this year -- at Buffalo," Brady said, referencing the BIlls' Week Three victory in which he was intercepted four times.

Brady also offered, "I should have picked a non-NFL city for that [comment]."

Sullivan asked, "Speaking of that game, how much did it shake you throwing four picks?"

"Yeah, it was tough," Brady said. "I had done that once before when we lost to them up there [the '03 opener]. Any time you throw four picks you feel pretty miserable the entire week."

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