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Brady Cheap Shot

It's not as if Buffalo fans need additional reasons to hate Tom Brady. The Patriots' superstar quarterback has beaten the Bills 18 times in 20 games. Brady has carved up the Bills on a regular basis. New England has outscored the Bills by 20 points a game during that time. He's a pretty boy with three Super Bowl titles. His rise to stardom has directly paralleled Buffalo's long playoff drought.

But crushing the community's spirits for a decade isn't enough, apparently. Now Brady is taking gratuitous cheap shots at our city. During his press conference at the Pats' hotel on Wednesday morning, in an otherwise harmless reminiscence about his father, Brady decided to take a swipe at the quality of the Buffalo hotels.

"He's been there every step of the way," Brady said of his dad. "Then I went to school a long ways from home, and he and my mom were there at every home football game that they could possibly be at and a lot of road games, too. And even when I started my pro career, he traveled to Buffalo. I don't know if you guys have ever been to the hotels in Buffalo -- they're not the nicest places in the world -- but he would travel to those."

After 23 years, I've learned to laugh off the occasional rip on Buffalo. I've been telling people for years that with global warming on the increase, a time will come when Buffalo will be the chic destination. But I figured I should at least challenge Brady and get him to elaborate. His media session ended a few minutes later, so I had to intercept him as he was being led out of the hotel ballroom.

"Tom, are you saying that Buffalo's hotels are the worst in the league? Do you rank them?"

Brady kept walking, but gave a little laugh and said, "No, they're fine."

As he approached the door, he looked back and said, "Don't write that, you'll get me in trouble."

Sure, Tom, I'll keep it between us. And we won't tell anyone about the four interceptions you threw at Ralph Wilson Stadium back in September.


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