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Sgt. Boeheim?

Growing up in the Sixties, I was a big fan of the TV show "Hogan's Heroes." I was especially fond of Sgt. Schultz, the bumbling German prison guard who was famous for turning his head when the American POWs were up to one of their usual schemes. Invariably, Schultz would say "I know nothing! I see nothing! I hear nothing!"

Now I'm getting this image of Jim Boeheim in a prison guard's outfit. Hey, put on some weight and he'd be a pretty good Schultz. The long-time Syracuse basketball coach has once again assumed his Sgt. Schultz stance, asserting that he's totally clueless about the latest scandal in his program.

According to a Yahoo!Sports investigation, the Orange hoop program failed to live up to its own drug policy over a 10-year period. According to the report, Boeheim used ineligible players during that time. Evidently, Syracuse self-reported the violations. The NCAA has begun an investigation.

When asked about the report, Boeheim said "I don't know anything about it." That's difficult to believe. It's been reported that as part of the drug policy, the coach had to be informed of any violations.

Of course, Boeheim is well-practiced in shrugging his shoulders and claiming ignorance. When accusations surfaced last fall about Bernie Fine's alleged abuse of a ballboy, Boeheim called it lies and said the story had "absolutely no valildity." That was before a taped recording of Fine's wife revealed that Boeheim's long-time assistant indeed had issues.

Twenty years ago, a newspaper investigation revealed violations in the SU program. The Orange went on probation as a result. But Boeheim said he had no idea his players had been receiving gifts and improper benefits. A school investigation supported that contention.

Boeheim is a great coach. He's also a great evader of responsibility. He runs a loose ship and wins games. Then he stands there with an aggrieved, innocent look on his face, palms upraised, when scandal strikes. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. All the way to the Hall of Fame.

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