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Kobe or Duncan?

The San Antonio Spurs have swept through the first two rounds of the NBA playoffs and are halfway to their fifth championship. If the Spurs win it all, it would give Tim Duncan a fifth title, tying him with the Lakers' Kobe Bryant. So who will go down as the greater NBA player, Duncan or Bryant?

I would go with Duncan, regardless of what happens in the rest of the playoffs. The Spurs have won .702 percent of their games during his 15-year career, the best 15-year run of any team in NBA history. Duncan had some rough playoffs against the Lakers early in his career, but that was largely because of Shaquille O'Neal, not Bryant. Kobe has been a great player, but he was fortunate to have Shaq alongside him early in his career. It's close, but I'd go with Duncan. He's been a great defensive player, a terrific scorer and rebounder and an exceptional passer for a big man. Above all, he's been a winner, one of the best ever to play and still a little underrated in my opinion.


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