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Live Chat with Sully

Time to chat.Thanks for chatting. I'm on vacation the next two weeks.

Chat at 1

I will be chatting live from The News today at 1 p.m. It'll be a print-only event. I'm sure most of you are devastated to hear that. I do hope you've been following our new and improved Press Coverage blog on the Bills and the NFL. Tim Graham is the lead writer on that and is kicking butt. I barely have time to keep up with it. Of course, I do have my fantasy baseball teams to run, not to mention Olympic preparations. Oh, and Melinda and I got married last Saturday. Plenty to chat about. Hockey draft, LeBron wins a title (all right, let's see him do it again!), my R.A. Dickey karma ... talk to you then.

Replay Sully on Sports chat

I'll be doing a live video chat with Tim Graham at 1 p.m. today at the News. Let's hope the audio works. See you then. I'll do an hour of regular chat afterwards.

Sully on Sports live chat

Technical difficulties caused us to pull the plug on the video chat with guest Tim Graham today. Instead, Jerry Sullivan is conducting a traditional live chat. Weigh in with your comments and questions below.