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Whine Away

LONDON -- Well, it's obvious that the Olympics are in full swing. You can tell because the Americans are conducting a virtual medley relay of complaining:

Leadoff leg: Since I'm at the gymnastics team finals, I'll give the baton to John Goddert, the long-time coach of gymnast Jordyn Wieber. Goddert called it an "injustice" that Wieber won't be included in the Olympic all-around competition later this week. She finished third to her teammates, Aly Raisman and Gabby Douglas, in team qualifying. International rules allow only two athletes per team in the all-around.

Wieber, who was expected to vie with Douglas for the Olympic all-around title, hasn't finished outside the finals of an all-around since becoming an elite gymnast. She'll pass the baton to:

John Leonard, swim coach and executive director of the World Swimming Coaches Assocation. Leonard called it "unbelievable" when China's Ye Shiwen broke the world record in the women's 400-meter individual medley on Saturday night. He said he meant it literally. Well, Ye's final 50-meter split was faster than Ryan Lochte's in the men's 400IM. So you have to wonder. Oops, almost missed the handoff to:

The U.S. track and field athletes, who have made a big stink about Rule 40 of the IOC charter, which prevents athletes from displaying or mentioning any non-Olympic sponsor, a de facto one-month blackout during the height of public interest in the sport. The IOC argues that major sponsors provide much of the financial support for the Games. It's a tough rule, but major corporations own the Olympics. We knew that. It's too bad that most of the American athletes struggle to support themselves and have to watch all those corporate billions go to a few elite performers. Now, the anchor:

Hope Solo: The goalie for the U.S. women's soccer team continues to make waves. She complained about former World Cup hero Brandi Chastain, who had the gall to suggest that the American women's defense wasn't quite up to snuff on a recent telecast. Solo made her comments on Twitter.

My only complaint is that Twitter seems ubiquitous among the athletes. I wonder if any of them bother to read newspapers. Maybe I'd better go tweet something. On to the gymnastics.



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