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Back At The Track

LONDON -- Still getting ready for the start of the women's pole vault in the Olympic Stadium. The fourth heatin the 100 meters is about to begin. It's kind of cool watching some of these runners who have no shot at a medal but are the fastest guys in their country. Just saw a runner from Surinam win his heat and set a national record. There's a runner from Mauritius in this heat.

The fans began clapping before the start of one heat and had to be informed by the public address announcer that clapping is not polite when the runners are in the starting blocks and listening for the gun. No false starts allowed nowadays, remember. One and you're out. Tremendous pressure. Something to keep in mind for later in the competition.

The opening height is 4.10 meters. Suhr will no doubt pass, along with the other top vaulters. The lesser competitors are weeded out early. The automatic qualifying height is 4.60 meters. We won't see the top women for awhile. That'll give me time to watch Pistorius and go to the mob scene that's sure to ensue in the mixed zone.

By the way, the other two Americans in the women's pole vault are Becky Holliday and Lacy Janson. They're both in the B group. Suhr is in the A grouping. The groups jump side by side in two pits. Both Janson and Holliday have a personal best of 4.60 meters.

It's windy here, by the way. Could be a factor.

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