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Jenn Clears It

LONDON -- Fredonia's Jenn Suhr just cleared 4.55 meters with ease, making her one of six women to clear that height. Yelena Isinbayeva also cleared 4.55. So it appears the rivals have avoided any qualifying disasters and will be in Monday's final.

After making the bar, Suhr walked across the running track on the far end of the stadium, presumably to speak with her husband and coach, Rick Suhr.Coaches are not allowed to be in the athletes' area during the event.

American Becky Holliday has cleared 4.50 and is still alive for one of the 12 spots in the final. Holly Bleasdale, the 20-year-old rising star from Great Britain, has also made 4.50. Lacy Janson, the third U.S. vautler, went out at 4.50.

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