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Soviet Trivia

LONDON -- Here's a little Olympic trivia for those of you who remember when the Soviet Union used to battle the United States for the medals title, before the Iron Curtain fell two decades ago:

If the Soviet Union were still intact, it would be a spirited three-country battle for the overall medal count. China has 59 medals. The countries of the old Soviet Union have 57. The United States has 56. So let's hear it for the breakup of the old bloc.

For the record, here's the medal count for the former Soviet republics: Belarus 7, Ukraine 6, Kazakhstan 5, Georgia, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Uzbekistan 1 each. Russia has 34.

One more nugget: All five of Kazakhstan's medals are gold. That puts them two ahead of Russia in gold medals. You know that must stick in Putin's craw!

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