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Trash Talk

LONDON -- Jenn Suhr learned four years ago not to say anything that might offend Yelena Isinbayeva. Nowadays, she basically ignores her. Not so for Holly Bleasdale, the rising 20-year-old pole vault star from Great Britain. Here's what Bleasdale had to say about Isinbayeva's custom of covering her head with a towel and napping during the heats:

"I've seen Isinbayeva do that, looks like a tramp on a street corner," Bleasdale said. "I do think it's disrespectful to us. It is a bit weird."

Isinbayeva has described herself as an "actress" when she competes. She put on quite a show in Beijing, when she held her hands over her head to lead the crowd applause when she went for a new world record. It's be interesting to see what happens if she and Bleasdale wind up together in the press conference after the event.

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