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Give Him A Milk Mustache

Nick Barnett should apply for one of the TV commericals for milk after his endorsement on media day. Here's what the Bills' linebacker said about the mindset the team needs to snap its eight-game road losing streak this Sunday in Cleveland:

"We've got to have that mentality of going to someone's home and going in the refrigerator and drinking all the milk," Barnett said. "That's the plan."

Does it have to be milk, he was asked?

"It could be soda, whatever," he said. "But you know, when you don't have any milk and you want milk, that's a problem. You can get water out of the faucet, but when milk is gone, there's no way of getting it back."

Maybe we can develop this milk theme if the Bills finally win a road game Sunday. Last year, Barnett invited fans onto the team bandwagon early in the year. How about a milk truck this season?



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