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It's Back!

Well, it's finally time. The NFL season opens today. I'm in the press room at One Bills Drive for the first Bills media day. Player interviews begin at 11:15 in the fieldhouse. Another season of cliches and happy talk is upon us. Jets coach Rex Ryan is scheduled to call in at 11:45. Figures. Right in the middle of player access for the Bills. I have to be here for Rex. It's always a highlight.

Here's a few interesting stats to chew on while you're waiting for tonight's opener between the Giants and Cowboys:

*The Bills were 4-0 last season when Ryan Fitzpatrick attempted fewer than 30 passes. That means, of course, that they were 2-10 when he threw 30 or more.

*The last six Super Bowl champions didn't win a playoff game the following season. The last Super Bowl champ to win a playoff game the following season was the '04 Patriots.

*According to Sports Illustrated, Fred Jackson averaged 3.8 yards a carry after initial contract last season, best in the league. Heck, a lot of backs didn't average 3.8 yards, period.

*It's never too soon for me to praise Tom Brady. Brady has a career record of 124-35 as a starter, the best record of any QB in the Super Bowl era with at least 100 starts. That's roughly three losses a year. Incredible.

*The Bills have lost to the eventual NFC champion six years in a row. In reverse order, that's the Giants, Packers, Saints, Cardinals, Giants and Bears. Does this mean the 49ers will go this year?

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