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Too Much Rest For the Weary?

Some Bills fans see a conspiracy around every corner. I generally dismiss them. But when you look at the Bills' recent schedule, it's enough to make you think someone in the NFL office doesn't like them.

Starting with the Arizona game, the Bills face four straight opponents coming off extra rest. The Cardinals played on a Thursday before hosting the Bills, which gave them 10 days between games. Tennessee also played the Bills after a Thursday game. Houston is coming off a bye, same as the Bills. That's a wash, but the Bills won't get the advantage that comes from playing a team that didn't also have a bye -- like New England, which will host the Bills the week after resting this week on a bye.

Ryan Fitzpatrick was asked about the schedule-makers and, naturally, avoided making any inflammatory comments. "I mean, I don't know," Fitz said. "It's something I was aware of, but I guess that's for you to write about, because we have no control over that."

The Bills do have one game with extra rest this season. They host Miami on Thursday night after the game in New England. So they'll have 10 days after that to get ready for a Week 11 game in Indianapolis against a Colts team that will have the usual seven days rest after playing the previous Sunday.


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