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Flippin' Mario

After the first New England game, Mario Williams lamented the fact that most of the Patriots' running plays went away from him -- to their left. I asked afterwards why the coaches couldn't shift him to the right once in awhile. After all, he moved around a lot when he was in Houston. Well, don't be surprised if the Bills do some of that in the rematch this Sunday at New England.

During Wednesday's interview session at his locker, I asked Williams if he might move to the right side at all this weekend. He said he's definitely up for it after having his minor wrist surgery.

"After the procedure with my wrist, I feel more comfortable about not being single-handed," he said. "So definitely, I'm looking to move around and switch it up a little bit. I moved around my whole career. I had always flipped around until this year. That's what I'm used to."

I asked coach Chan Gailey if he might consider flipping Williams to the right side to deal with the Pats' tendency to run left. "Maybe," Gailey said. "We might see that. Yeah." 




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