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Pats Scoring Machine

When the Bills lost, 37-31, in New England a couple of weeks ago, I came away thinking the defense had actually played OK. The performance seemed at least average, based on their horrid play early in the year and the stunning efficiency of the Patriot offense.

In fact, it was a perfectly average defensive effort against New England. After last night's 49-19 evisceration of the Jets, the Pats are averaging exactly 37.0 points a game. They've scored 108 points in their last two games, 190 in their last four. It's scary. They keep getting better. They're now on pace to break their own NFL record for points in a season. The Pats scored 589 points (36.8 a game) during their unbeaten 2007 regular season.

Is there anything more certain in today's NFL than the Patriots improving over the course of the regular season? They went 8-0 in the second half the last two regular seasons. They've won their first three games of the second half this year, and five in a row overall, opening up a big lead in division that had all four teams tied at 3-3 a month ago.

Tom Brady has 14 TD passes and zero interceptions during the five-game winning streak. Brady, who always talks about the Pats getting better later in the season, has been especially good from the ninth game onward. During the Pats' 19-game win streak in the second halves, Brady has 41 touchdown passes and 2 interception. And you wonder why I consider him the best of all time.


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