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A New York State of Mind

People who spent time around Doug Marrone in his Syracuse days said Marrone would put on a good show at his introductory press conference. Marrone is good in front of a microphone, and he hit many of the right notes early this afternoon when the Bills announced him as the new head coach.

Marrone wasted no time pointing to himself as a New York guy. Clearly, he knows how that will play with Bills fans, especially after hearing Andrew Cuomo pledge his fidelity to the franchise a few weeks ago when the new lease deal was announced.

"When you think about it, I was born and raised in this state," said Marrone, a native of the Bronx. "I went to school in this state (he played college football at Syracuse). My first coaching job ever was in this state (at Cortland). My first head coaching job was in this state (SU). And now, my dream job as an NFL head coach, again, is in this state. And it means a lot to me."

Russ Brandon, the team president, said he didn't care if Marrone was from Tahiti. He wanted the best coach. But he admitted it can't hurt to have a New York guy who resurrected the state's top college program coaching the Bills.

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